Car Connectivity

As the planet becomes more connected so do our cars. Cars like the Audi A6, Ford Edge, and the Lincoln MKX allow people to surf the web when in their front seat. People are able to, stream music, get up-to-date traffic information, but is all this access a good thing while driving? Generally it’s exciting to see technological developments, however, when it comes to our safety on the road can there be such a thing as too much connectivity?

Challenges of the Connected Car

People get unfocused when they text or chat with their phones while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 80 percent of traffic accidents include driver inattention within 3 seconds of the crash. So, if basic cell phone use is a distraction imagine what it would be like if someone is video Skyping with their closest friend while driving or watching that funny Super Bowl commercial.

Does Tech Distract Drivers?

Drivers must concentrate on the road. Anything that takes their awareness away from it—whether it’s chomping upon a fast-food burger or searching for traffic information—can lead to potentially fatal accidents. That is why the news that cars are on pace to become much more connected is met with with as much uncertainty as anticipation.

Browsing the Web Inside Your Car

Soon motorists will be able to receive Facebook updates and browse the web on in-car navigation screens. We might even see the coming of short-range communication allowing drivers that are sharing the road to interact with each other.

As we said before, enhancements in technology ordinarily have us excited. But the biggest anxiety about the connected car is that, will increasing the volume of distractions increase the amount of accidents? Car connectivity will bring lots of enjoyment to travelers, especially on long commutes, but it’s essential that drivers recognize the need to stay focused on the road no matter how adorable that video of a baby monkey is.